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Every effort is made to ensure that products purchased and suppliers used by Wind & Sun operate in a sustainable manner to minimise deleterious effects upon the environment.

Product Stewardship
  • Wind & Sun ensure that all products that we sell are safe and fit for purpose.
  • Wind & Sun try to ensure that all products we sell have no detrimental effects on the environment.
Embodied Energy from Production

Embodied energy is the energy used to produce something and then transport it

  • Many of our suppliers use renewable power in their processes.
  • Renewable energy equipment generates more energy over their lifetime than they use.
Influencing Suppliers

To influence our suppliers to support sustainable practices, a questionnaire, asking about their policy on sustainability issues, will be sent out.

Our suppliers:

REC Solar PV Panels: 

REC panels have low carbon footprint, quick energy payback time and are easy to re-cycle at end of life.

See: REC Sustainability

The REC production facility in Singapore has ISO14001 certification and includes a large solar PV system for on-site energy generation.

SMA Inverters: 

SMA have a high commitment to sustainability. Their aspiration is to practice sustainability in all areas of the company and to take a leading role in climate protection.

SMA inverters are produced in a net zero carbon factory in Germany.

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See: SMA Non-Financial Report 2020