SolarEdge Introduction training course - 11/02/2015

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The training day will be led by SolarEdge with assistance from Wind & Sun. It will be held at the Wind & Sun Training Centre at Humber Marsh.

Join our training day and learn how to:

  • Eliminate power losses for up to 25% more energy
  • Reduce maintenance cost with module-level monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Install more modules on each roof and design aesthetic rooftops with maximum design flexibility
  • Minimise risk for installers, maintenance personnel and firefighters with module safety shutdown

Lunch and refreshments will be provided during the day.

Please arrive after 13:30, the presentation will start at 14:00.

  • About SolarEdge
  • The SolarEdge solution and benefits
  • Comparison to string inverters
  • Comparison to microinverters
  • Designing a SolarEdge system
  • Installing a SolarEdge system
  • Communication options
  • Demonstration of the SolarEdge monitoring portal
  • Troubleshooting and service

The SolarEdge section of the day is estimated to end at 17:00.

The training is designed to be open to allow full response to your questions and interests. Feel free to ask questions throughout the training so we can ensure you are as conversant with the subject matter as possible in the time allocated.

SolarEdge Logo SolarEdge Three Phase Inverter SolarEdge Residential Power Optimiser SolarEdge System Illustration