Attenborough Nature Reserve

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Attenborough 5Wind & Sun role: System design, supply & installation.

Grid connected PV System for new build nature reserve building.

  • Module type: BP Solar BP785L  (128 x 85Wp)
  • Inverter: 4 x SMA SB-2500 (2.5kW)

The key design strategy for Attenborough Nature Reserve was to provide a building with renewable energy resources that would meet the annual energy needs of the building in normal use, thus providing zero net greenhouse gas emissions.  The building is super insulated - typically a 300-350mm thick rockwool envelope which minimises heat requirements, a heat-pump is used to provide heating and hot-water and additional heat is provided by roof mounted hot-water solar panels.

Wind & Sun designed and installed the PV system that generates the electricity. An array of photovoltaic panels has been installed on the South facing roof with a peak electrical output of 11kW, producing an estimated annual output of 14,000 kW hours.  The building is connected to the electric grid, sometimes importing and sometimes exporting electricity to a 'Green' electricity provider.

Attenborough 1Attenborough 2

Attenborough 4Attenborough 3 

Attenborough 6Attenborough Sunny Boy Inverters2 

Wind & Sun also installed a large display in the shop and restaurant area of the centre so all visitors are aware of how much electricity is being generated and the amount of CO2 emissions saved. 

Attenborough Display 1Attenborough Display