Bishopswood Environmental Centre

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BatchedbishoppvWind & Sun designed and installed a medium sized stand alone wind and solar system for environment education centre.

The stand alone wind and solar system supplies power to a straw-bale building at Bishopswood Environment Centre.  This consists of a: 300Wp Photovolaic Array of 4 BP Solar BP275F monocrystalline PV modules mounted on the roof of  the building.  This is complimented by an FM1803 300W wind turbine on a 6.5m guyed tilt-up tower.

Installation was carried out over two days. Concrete for the wind turbine foundations had been pre-laid as part of a weekend course on wind and solar power. 

Output is used to charge a 12V 450Ah deep cycle battery bank. 12VDC lighting is used and the system incorporates a 800W sinewave inverter to power conventional appliances such as office equipment and tools.

The building is used as an office and for educational purposes so comprehensive metering and displays are used to monitor power being generated, state of charge of the battery and power being used.