David's House

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Wind & Sun designed and installed a stand alone wind and solar system with mains back-up in 1995.

  • Module type: BP275 (28 x 75Wp)
  • Inverter 1 x Trace SW4548/E (4.5kW)
  • Wind turbine: Proven WT2500 (2.5kW)

David's House, in Penrhos, Gwent is a new low energy, passive solar house designed by EcoArch of York built using sustainable materials and with a high degree of autonomy in mind.

 A 2.1kWp PV array made up of 28 BP275 75Wp mounted on a pergola type support frame is combined with 2.5kW Proven wind turbine to feed a 17kWh battery store. 

A Trace 4.5 kw sinewave inverter converts this power to 230Vac and supplies all house loads (inc. cooking).

This system can provide up to 4.5 kW of load at any one time.

The battery bank stores up to 17 kW hours of energy to balance supply and demand or for use in times of unfavourable weather conditions.

In the event that the battery runs low or loads exceed inverter capacity, the mains is automatically brought in to run the loads and charge the battery.When more power is being generated than is being used and once the battery is full, surplus power is diverted to a multi-stage immersion heater. A sophisticated battery 'fuel gauge' is located in the house so the system performance can easily be monitored.

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