Warwick Grid Connect PV

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Wind & Sun role: System design, supply & installation.

  • Module type: BP Solar BP585 (12 x 85Wp)
  • Inverters: 1 x GCI-1200 (0.85kW)

This is the second grid-connected system Tony Skelton installed and is similar to his previous installation 2 years before. The difference this time was that it was fitted to the roof of his garden shed which already had some PVs that powered a low-voltage DC system for garden lights and a water feature.

12 x BP 585 panels (total 1020 Wp) were mounted on an Osmer racking system. 

Another 2 x BP 585 modules were fitted on the roof for the existing 12-volt battery backup system.  These were fitted by Tony and Wind & Sun supplied and installed all necessary AC and DC disconnect switches. 

An SMA Sunny Boy Control Light system monitors performance of both inverters in the comfort of the house.

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