Crickley Hill Country Park

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Wind & Sun role: System completion and correction after bankruptcy of original installer.

  • Module type: Sharp (12 x 152Wp)
  • Inverter: 1 x SMA SB-1700 (1.7kW) 

This system had been installed under the PV grant scheme by another installer for Gloucester Council. 

However, it had been installed with various faults which meant the grant could not be paid until they were corrected. In the meantime the installer went bankrupt. Wind & Sun were asked to correct the previous installers mistakes so the Council could claim the grant. Incorrect switch gear had been used and incorrect labelling applied.  The corrected system is shown in the photo to the left. 

DC Isolators should be rated for the correct voltage and current and labelled as shown. An  AC Isolator which is lockable in the off position only must be installed in the system.

Labelling must show the installer's contact details and warn of the presence of DC and AC voltages. 

Also a schematic showing the system details and protection settings used must be displayed.

Batchedcrickley Hill Schematics Web Batchedcrickley Hill 002