Grid Connected Wind Turbine for Ladygrove School

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Wind & Sun role: System design, supply & installation.

  • Wind turbine: Proven WT2500 (2.5kW) 
  • Inverters:1 x SMA WB-2500 (2.5kW)

The wind turbine at Ladygrove Primary School generates electricity for use directly in the school with any surplus going to the national grid for local use.

The school has the benefit of a 2.5kW Proven wind turbine with a mast height of 6.5m. A conservative estimate of the school's average wind speed gives an annual electricity output in excess of 6,500 kWh.  This 'green' electricity will contribute some 15% of the total school's electrical requirements significantly decreasing electricity costs (by approximately £400 per year at the time of installation). 

As well as this significant economic benefit some 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions will be avoided. This is equivalent to planting 17.5 trees a year.

The turbine's output is being recorded using computer software and compared with the wind speed recorded on the school's weather station.  The turbine accordingly acts as an educational resource and sustainability focus for the whole Telford & Wrekin community.

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