Roof Mounted PV System on Lockton Youth Hostel

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Wind & Sun role: System design, supply & installation.

  • Module type: BP Solar BP3160S  (8 x 160Wp)
  • Inverter: 1 x SMA SB-1100 (1.1kW)

Lockton Youth Hostel is situated in a solid red brick former village school built in 1860, in North Yorkshire. The building and it's facilities were becomingly increasingly run-down to the point where major work was needed, so a decision was made to upgrade the hostel in a sustainable manner.

The PV System

Wind & Sun designed and installed a grid-connected 1.28kWp PV system consisting of 8 BP Solar 160Wp monocrystalline PV panels, which were installed above the existing slate roof.  PV generated electric power is first used by the hostel internal loads; any surplus being exported to the national grid.  At night when power consumption exceeds power generated, electricity is imported from the grid as normal. All power flows are seamless from the point of view of the user.  The system should produce approximately 1000 kWh of electricity per annum.  A display is incorporated into the Sunny Boy inverter to show people staying at the hostel how much is being generated. 

Lockton Diagram

Batchedlockton 2 Batchedlockton 1