Millenium Park

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Wind & Sun installed inverters for the first grid connected solar electric-heat system: in the UK

  • Module type: Grammer PV/Hot Air Collectors
  • Inverters: 5 x SMA SWR700 (0.7kW)

The system is sited at the Millenium Park Environmental Centre near Leicester.

The PV System

The 5.0kWp Photovoltaic Array consists of PV-heat units constructed by Grammer of Germany. These are connected to ducts with forced ventilation to enable cooling of the PV and the extraction of heat for use in the building.  

The PV array is configured as five strings of series connected modules and each string is cabled to a single SMA Sunny Boy SWR-700 grid connected PV inverter. 

As part of the system development operational performance monitoring is being carried out by DeMontfort University in Leicester.

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