Oxford Eco House

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Oxfordecohouse1Wind & Sun role: System maintenance.

  • Module type: BP Solar BP585 (48 x 85Wp)
  • Inverters: 1 x SMA PV-WR5000 (5.0kW); Inverter upgraded to SB3800 in 2006.

The Oxford Solar House is the first low energy house in the United Kingdom with a fully integrated photovoltaic roof. It was designed to function as an ordinary standard family home which requires only a minimum amount of energy for heating, cooling and lighting. In order to optimise the value of the electricity generated by the photovoltaic system, the energy demand in the house was reduced by using all available energy saving technologies but without impairing the comfort of the occupants

The photovoltaic system is connected to the electricity supply and is regarded as the main power supply. It was designed to export surpluses to the National Grid utility, importing power only when it is essential and unavoidable, such as night times and overcast conditions. Although Wind & Sun did not install the system they were involved with upgrading the inverters and installing a Sunny Beam display.