Riccall Community Centre

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BatchedriccallWind & Sun designed and installed a grid connected PV system on a new leisure centre.

  • Module type:  BP Solar BP 585 (20 x 85Wp)
  • Inverters: 2 x GCI-1000 (0.7kW)

Riccall Regen is a Millenium Project funded leisure centre which  incorporates a small grid connected PV system to contribute to energy requirements.

The PV System

The 1.7kWp Photovoltaic Array consists of twenty BP Solar monocrystalline PV laminates mounted on the roof using a German off-roof mounting system.  Two strings each consisting of ten series connected modules are cabled in to the building and connect to a single SMA Sunny Boy SWR-700 grid connected inverter.  

Installation of the system took two days. Special Klober roof brackets were installed with the roof. The PV modules were then installed, with the cabling, the laminates being clamped to pre-attached struts.