The Greenhouse

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Wind & Sun designed and installed a grid connected PV system on a new low energy house.

  • Module type: BP Solar BP585 (40 x 85Wp)
  • Inverters: 4 x SMA SWR700 (0.7kW)

This is a new low energy house which incorporates a two storey passive solar atrium with heat storage in the fabric and concrete floors of the building; solar water heating; grey water recycling and a grid connected PV system. 

The 3.4kWp Photovoltaic Arrayis made up of four sub arrays of 850Wp consisting of 10 BP Solar 585L Saturn Cell laminates wired in series to give ~ 180 VDC output.

The PV array is integrated within a south facing slate roof above the garage and stables which form a wing to the house. A German roof integration system comprising of aluminium mounting profiles and flashings was used.

The output of each sub-array feeds SMA Sunny Boy SWR-700 inverters and the AC outputs of the four inverters are paralleled together to supply power to the house in connection with the conventional grid supply.

A Sunny Control unit and power line modems in each inverter are used for monitoring system output and performance.

Installation by Wind & Sun and Sundog was carried out in two phases

  • The first phase took four days and consisted of installation of the roof integration system, PV laminates and DC wiring.
  • After this the builders completed the slating of the roof and once the electrical supply to the house had been installed a further day was required for AC wiring, installation of inverters and commissioning.
Batchedwicken PV Array 1 Batchedwicken Pv Array 2 Greenhouse1