The Greenhouse Trust Project

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Wind & Sun designed and installed the first grid connected PV system on a listed building in the UK

  • Module type: BP Solar BP585 (10 x 85Wp)
  • Inverters: 1 x SMA SWR700 (0.7kW)

Sited at 'The Greenhouse' in Norwich this 0.85 kWp grid connected PV system uses BP Solarex's 'Sun-in-a-Box' package. 

The Greenhouse is a community based environmental information and resource centre located in the centre of Norwich in Norfolk. An existing solar water heating system has been added to by incorporating a high profile PV system for demonstration of the technology.

Wind & Sun addressed concerns over the impact of the system appearance on the listed building and designed a system that satisfied the planners and was also of sufficient size to produce useful amounts of energy. The black & white appearance of the PV modules matches the half-timbered structure of the building and a mounting system was assembled to match the tiles and the available area of the south-facing roof.

The PV System

The 0.85kWp Photovoltaic Array consists of 10 of the 85Wp BP585 laminates, which use high efficiency Saturn cells, and a Sunny Boy SWR-700 700W grid connected inverter.  

A display in the entrance to the building shows: power being generated; energy produced and CO2 emissions avoided. On average the system will generate 680 kWh per year and most of this will be used on-site. The system was installed over two days by Wind & Sun with assistance from Sundog and was commissioned shortly afterwards. Earlier work carried out by Wind & Sun on grid connected PV system installation and commissioning in the Eastern region meant that commissioning was extremely simple without the need for any on-site witnessing tests.