York Eco Centre

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Wind & Sun designed and installed the first grid connected domestic scale wind turbine in the UK.

  • Module type: BP Solar BP585 (20 x 85Wp) ;
  • Inverters: 2 x GCI-1000 (0.7kW) 
  • Wind turbine: Proven WT2500  (2.5kW)
  • Inverter: 1 x ASP (2.5kW)

The system is sited at the York Eco Centre and is designed to meet the anticipated annual electrical requirements of the building taking into account site constraints. A combined wind turbine and photovoltaic (PV) solar system was specified in order to give a balanced supply throughout the year.

The 1.7kWp Photovolaic Array consists of two sub arrays of 850Wp, each using 10 BP Solar 585L Saturn Cell frameless laminates connected in series to give ~180 VDC output.

The Saturn cells used are the most efficient commercially available, and most cost effective, giving maximum kWh energy production for a given area.

The laminates are mounted on a framework above the roof in groups of five and sited on four sections of the conservatory roof. The framework is integrated with the roof by means of special Klober PV mounting slates, ensuring that there is no penetration of the waterproofing layer of the roof.

Due to the public nature of the building, UV stabilised polycarbonate sheets were fitted above the PV modules to provide protection against vandalism. It is estimated that this will reduce the output of the PV array by approx 5%. PV system design was by Wind & Sun.

The 2.5kW Wind Turbine, manufactured by Proven Engineering, has a rotor diameter of 3.5m and is mounted on an 11m self-supporting tower.

A controller is included to divert power to a heater in the event of power outages or for maintenance. The wind turbine has good low wind characteristics whilst being protected against strong winds and should give reasonable yield despite the urban nature of the York site.

The output of each PV sub-array feeds one of two SMA Sunny Boy SWR-700 inverters. The wind turbine produces power at a voltage of ~120VDC which is fed to an ASP 2.5kW TopClass inverter. The inverters convert the generated DC power directly into 230 Vac. These AC outputs are then paralleled together, synchronise with the grid supply and supply power to the centre's load circuits or export power to the grid as appropriate.

Each inverter contains protection circuitry to shut down the system in the event of grid failure or variation of grid power quality outside statutory limits. Installation The wind turbine foundations were laid first and then the wind turbine was installed. Installation of the PV arrays and cabling took a further two days.

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