Flat Holm Island Barracks System

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Flat Holm Island 2The Island

Flat Holm Island is located in the Bristol Channel just five miles off the coast of Barry and Cardiff and is not connected to any mainland electicity grid system It is a tiny island which has a wealth of history and wildlife. Throughout its history the island has been a sanctuary for Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, silver miners, smugglers and cholera victims. There are various properties of historical interest around the island; including the Farmhouse, Fog Horn Building, Fog Horn Keeper’s cottage, Barracks, Lighthouse & various other ruined buildings, including wartime gun emplacements and a Victorian cholera hospital. Flat Holm is now a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Local Nature Reserve. For more information see: www.flatholmisland.com

The Project

An existing Trace inverter/charger and battery store at the farmhouse was moved to the barracks classroom at the other end of the island for re-use with the generator there and a PV array on a pole mounted tracking system installed to charge the battery. 

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Flatholm Tracker Barracks 2Flatholm Tracker Junction BoxFlatholm Barracks Trace1