More PV for Canna

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Isle Of Canna Installation New PV 01After our work during 2018 when we set up the solar, wind and battery electricity system for Canna, there was a small surplus remaining from the original funding.

CREEL and Community Energy Scotland decided to invest this in some additional PV solar to be located on an implement shed roof adjacent to the newly constructed island power building.

This building has a corrugated steel roof with wooden truss and purlin construction and was of sufficient size to accommodate  8.4kWp of PV.

The new system comprises:

  • 30 x REC-285TP2 285Wp Solar PV panels 
  • Schletter mounting system
  • 1 x SMA STP-8000TL-20 Sunny Tripower inverter (set to 'Off-Grid' to be compatible with the Canna Sunny Island grid.

Our good friends Jaine & Gordon from Solar Kinetics came along to help with the installation - which meant it got completed in good time allowing them to enjoy some kayaking around the island and some freshly caught mackerel!

In the first year since the system was commissioned (October 2018):

  • Total generation was 138,724kWh, of which 93% was renewable
  • Diesel usage was around 2500 litres, a 94% reduction, saving 100.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide
  • The generators ran just 32 times overall, for a total of about 170 hours – less than 3 times per month on average - instead of the continuous 24/7previously!

With the additional PV added this August, it should be even better in the future.