Colwick Park

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Wind & PV system for remote off grid adventure centre

Colwick TurbinepvWind & Sun role: System design, supply & installation.

  • Module type: BP Solar BP3160S  (20 x 160Wp)
  • Wind turbine Proven WT6000 (6.0kW)
  • Inverter: 2 x Outback VFX3048/E (6.0kW) 

The building is designed as a sustainable resource In keeping with the Colwick Country Park environment. Electricity is generated on site by a small wind turbine and solar panels, rain water is  collected, and storage and filtration is carried out for use in the building.

These innovations form a focal point for environmental education packages delivered from Colwick Park. The centre generates all mains electrical power on site from renewable resources. 

The 6kW wind turbine is situated about 25 metres away from the centre and works alongside the PV panels on the roof.  Together they generate all the electricity for the centre.  The design incorporates a battery store to cope with days when generation is low, electricity then passes through an inverter to convert shared electricity to mains voltage.

The Wind Turbine System

Batchedcolwick TurbineBatchedcolwick BatteryBatchedcolwick Outback1

The PV System

Batchedcolwick Park 1