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Because of the very nature of Renewable Energy, precisely what you can run depends on where you are, what you want, and what you can afford!

Typical applications for renewable energy systems include:

  • Grid-connected wind & solar systems for homes and workplaces; 
  • Remote buildings and homes; 
  • Domestic solar water heating;
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  • Battery charging systems on boats, caravans and motorhomes;
  • Holiday homes;
  • Villas;
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  • Electricity supply & distribution for island or rural communities;
  • Portable lighting;
  • Power systems;
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  • Grid connected wind turbines for large users, communities, or wind farms;
  • Telemetry power systems and microwave repeater links etc;
  • Navigation aids;
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  • Anywhere away from the mains or relying on a costly fuel supply;
  • Anyone who wants to use clean, renewable energy to make their own power!