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Extra Income For Rural Businesses

Becoming an energy generator is the ideal diversification for farms or landholding organisations:

  • Reduce high energy costs;
  • Future-proof your business against rising prices;
  • Give you a viable, profitable investment;
  • Provide a predictable index linked source of income
  • Generate free electricity for typically well over 30 years!
Roof Mounted Solar Systems

Agricultural Solar PV InstallationSolar panels can be installed on almost any suitably constructed roof - farmhouse, barn, or outbuildings, - slate, tile, metal and fibre cement. A structural inspection will be required to check load bearing capabilities and it is important that the roof itself will last for the lifetime of the PV system (typically 30 years). Unshaded, south facing roofs are best.

Planning permission is not usually required for roof mounted systems unless your property is a listed building or is sited in a conservation area, National Park or other environmentally sensitive area.

Ground Mounted Solar Systems

Isle -of -Muck -REC-solar -PV-panels -on -Schletter -ground -mountsSolar panels can be fitted on ground mounted structures in fields configured to allow on-going land use, such as for free range poultry or grazing sheep. The usual site for a ground mounted system is in a flat field with an open southerly aspect.

Ground mounted systems will need planning permission.


Connection to the Grid

Agricultural SMA Sunny Tripower InstallationEven small farms with just a single phase supply can take advantage of installing renewable energy generating systems. However, most farms have a good 3-phase electricity supply which allows for larger systems (10kW and above) to be installed with minimal cost or consultations with the electricity network company.

Your installer can investigate the options with your electricity network provider.

You can maximise the benefits from your PV system by using as much as possible of the power you generate on your farm. Control systems are available to help with this.

Quality always pays

Not all solar PV systems are equal. There can be real performance differences between panels and components affecting your bottom-line in the long term.

30 years of experience means we are able to provide industry leading advice and the highest quality products and solutions that:

  • Perform for the lifetime of the FIT and for years to come
  • Maximise energy generation
  • Give you the best return on your investment.
  • Are backed by secure warranties;
  • Are from trusted world leading manufacturers;
  • Have all import duties paid;
  • Meet all the latest standards;
  • Are fully tested and guaranteed against ammonia and salt mist attack;