Generating Electricity From Wind

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If you have access to a windy location and have a reasonably large garden or field, then wind power can be the perfect way to generate electricity for your home and in addition provide an attractive return on your initial investment.

The best sites for utilising wind power are rural with open aspects to the prevailing winds. Urban sites are generally unsuitable due to lower average windspeeds and increased turbulence.

Different tower heights and types are available to suit different site conditions - higher towers will give better performance.

Planning permission will be required, however, this is not usually a problem in appropriate locations and your installer can help guide you through the process.

See: Information about Windpower

For properties with good wind sites these systems are the ideal way to reduce electricity demand. Maximum generation is usually over winter months when demand is highest and power can be produced 24hrs per day. For example, a 5-6kW wind system can produce yearly generation of between  7,000 - 15,000 kWh of electricity on an ideal site with 5 m/s average annual wind speed.