Supporting MCS Installers

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How We Can Help You

REC Solar Prof MediumHere at Wind & Sun we have spent over 30 years learning what makes a successful PV installation and helping our customers to provide the same.

We have ridden the ups and downs in the industry over many years and we continue to stay true to the tried and tested quality brands - from manufacturers who are here for the long term.

In turn we do our best to support installers to sell themselves, by helping provide the credentials to back you up - ones that offer quality, sustainability, service, financial stability, warranties...

We can help set you apart from other installation companies to win the business.

The Domestic Market

Although the Feed In Tariff (FIT) changes are making things tough and the days of ‘get rich quick’ customers (& installers) are now gone, solar is still the future.

The task is now to sell PV not as a way to make money – but as the way to make electricity in the home as a cushion against rising energy bills, as the responsible choice for the environment and still a better investment than putting money in the bank.

Customers should now be looking for long term value not short term gain, so what will be important is:

  • Long Term Reliable Energy Generation – not just low initial cost, ensured by:
  • Quality High Performance Products – backed by strong warranty and manufacturers & suppliers who will still be around in the future.
  • Quality Installation – from careful installers using the best materials and offering great service.

Commercial Installations

The FIT rates are still very attractive for commercial systems especially where there is a good match between electricity generation & consumption so there should be steady continued growth in this market. Wind & Sun can help you with:

  • Special volume pricing on REC modules
  • Great pricing & availability on SMA Sunny Tripower inverters
  • Advice & support with monitoring solutions.
  • Cost effective, easy to install mounting systems for trapezoidal metal roofs

Wind & Sun Offer:

Added Value – a range of products and services from monitoring, controls & displays to energy storage solutions and building integrated products that enable your customers to make best use and increasing value of their generated electricity and offering extra benefits to installing a PV system.

These include products that you can offer to your existing customer base – giving them extra value & you extra income!

Please contact us for further details.

A professional service to your customers – we can provide you with marketing materials and datasheets for the products we supply, either in a format for emailing, or hard copies for customers, events or exhibitions you are attending.

Technical Support

As always we are here with our dedicated technical support team who can help with any blips you may encounter along the way from design through to maintenance and after sales support. 

Specialist Training

We offer training to give you extra product knowledge so you can provide extra features & services. Offering you benefits such as extra warranty & marketing support.

A great way to network, share experiences & skills!

See more about training here.

Off Grid Expertise

Off-grid systems are just as eligible for FITs as grid connect systems – but their design and successful implementation present extra challenges.

Wind & Sun are unique amongst UK distribution companies in having the expertise and experience to help with this.