Solar Cables

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Solar Cable
MultiContact Connectors

The cables used for wiring the DC section of a grid-connected wind or PV system need to be selected to ensure that they can withstand the environmental, voltage and current conditions at which they may be expected to operate, including the heating effects of both current and sun. 

Multi-Contact Cable & Connectors

These utilise double insulated single core cable together with polarized weatherproof DC connectors to allow fast, easy connection of solar modules, speeding installation time and eliminating wiring errors. They are standard fitting on many PV modules and grid-connect inverters.

Special tools are required for crimping the connectors to the cable. 

We can provide ready made DC cables fitted with connectors to customers requirements. These are needed between the PV array and the DC isolator and between DC isolator and inverter. Simply tell us the length of cable required and terminations required on either end. A small labour charge is made for cable assembly. 

 Note: These PV connectors must not be un-plugged whilst under load. The load must first be removed by switching off all DC & AC isolators. 

Flex-Sol Solar Cable

This single core cable is specially designed for high voltage (1000 VDC max) photovoltaic applications and is ideally suited for use with Multi-Contact (MC) connectors. 

Flexible multi-stranded tinned conductors with halogen free double insulation. UV, temperature, oil, grease oxygen & ozone resistant with high wear and abrasion protection. Temperature range - 40° to + 90° C.