Small Off-Grid System Kits

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Victron EasySolar Terminals

Simple Off-Grid System Kits

Many situations exist where a small amount of reliable power is needed as an alternative to bringing in the mains.
These solar battery charging system kits provide an easy and economical solution.
Two kits are available, both centred around an EasySolar inverter to power conventional 230Vac appliances up to a total of 1600W.

  • One kit uses a 12V 2.3kWh battery store and up to three 250W solar panels and is perfect for applications such as boats, caravans, vehicles, stables or weekend cabins.
  • The second uses a 24V 4.5kWh battery store and up to six 250W solar panels to give a greater input for more regular use.

Easy Installation:

  • Solar panels simply plug-in
  • Includes all circuit breakers for AC circuits.
  • No moving parts
  • Maintenance free batteries

What Can Be Powered?

Ideal for:

  • Lighting, computers, chargers, electronic appliances and small power appliances.

Using electricity efficiently and conserving power when not required or when weather conditions are unfavourable ensures maximum potential and best performance.
These kits provide a convenient economical solution for many situations, but if loads are critical a careful load analysis should first be done to allow correct system sizing.

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PV Array

The photovoltaic (PV) solar panels can be easily fitted to roof or wall or on a ground mounted frame in a sunny location. Greatest output will be over summer months so this is ideal for holiday, weekend or garden buildings.

EasySolar Inverter

An all-in-one solar power solution that combines an MPPT solar charge controller, inverter/charger and AC breakers for distribution all in one enclosure. Easy to install with minimal wiring.

Battery Store

Sealed, maintenance free Rolls AGM batteries. Non-hazardous, non-spillable, shock and vibration resistant.

  • Rolls 5000 Series 4KS 25P Battery

    Rolls Batteries

Diesel Generator

This can be included to ensure power in the wintertime or poor weather, re-charging the battery and powering the loads whilst it is running.

  • SMA Generator Graphic

Remote Monitoring

Optional battery monitors to keep an eye on state of charge are available including a programmable relay to enable automatic generator control.

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