Fronius Gen24 Hybrid Storage System

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The Fronius Gen24 Hybrid Storage System offers a simple way to use battery storage with a solar PV system and simply uses one inverter to connect to both PV and battery which allows energy from the PV array and from the battery to work together seamlessly with battery being charged or discharged as appropriate.


  • Great solution for almost any PV system
  • Single phase or three phase models
  • Provides Back-up power
  • Li-Ion battery
  • 5 -20kWh
  • DC coupled
  • Easy to install

The energy meter monitors how much energy is being consumed or whether there is any excess going back into the grid. With this information it can intelligently instruct the Gen24 Plus to store surplus generation or use the batteries to reduce consumption from the grid. All this means the owner of the solar PV system/property can save on electricity bills and maximise their ROI (return on investment).

Additional cost to end user from ~ £4,750 + Vat compared to normal PV system)


Solar Panels for renewable generation. REC Peak Energy Series Silver Frame
Fronius Gen24 plus hybrid inverter to connect the solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and storage battery to the household distribution and the grid.  
BYD HV battery to store surplus generation for later use  
Fronius Energy Meter to measure export/import so the system knows when to charge/discharge the battery in order to increase self-sufficiency.