SMA Integrated Storage System

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The SMA Integrated Storage System is the simplest way to integrate battery storage into a solar PV system. With the Sunny Boy Smart Energy's built in battery no technical battery knowledge is necessary.

SMA Integrated Storage System Diagram

SMA's Home Manager and Energy Meter monitor how much energy is being generated, consumed and whether there is any excess going back into the grid. With this information the Home Manager can intelligently instruct the Sunny Boy Smart Energy to store the generation in batteries or alternatively additional loads can be turned on via the SMA Radio Controlled Sockets. All this means the owner of the solar PV system/property can save on electricity bills and maximise their ROI (return on investment).

For systems that require larger batteries, 3-phase, back-up power or a retrofit solution take a look at the SMA Flexible Storage System.


  • ideal solution for new PV installations
  • storage of surplus solar energy for later consumption
  • all PV power generated is used
  • automatic load management possible
  • compact installation

See: SMA Smart Home Planning Guide

Additional cost to end user from ~ £3,000 + Vat (compared to normal PV system)


Solar Panels for renewable generation. REC Peak Energy Series Silver Frame
SMA Sunny Boy Smart Energy inverter to connect the solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, with integrated 2kWh lithium ion battery storage to store the excess energy when it’s generated for use when it’s needed. SMA Sunny Boy Smart Energy
SMA Sunny Home Manager to monitor and control the system. Data is also transmitted to SMA's Sunny Portal for monitoring via a browser or App giving you information on the distribution of energy. SMA Sunny Home Manager
SMA Energy Meter to measure export/import so the system knows when to charge/discharge the battery in order to increase self-sufficiency. SMA Energy Meter