Mini-Grid Off Grid System

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At present, approximately 1.6 billion people are living without a regular electricity supply, the effects of which include stagnant development and increasing poverty. Many remote areas with scarcely populated areas are without power because connecting them to centralised power would be uneconomical. Many of these locations are ideally suited to benefit from the integration of renewable energy: wind; solar and water power - systems are now possible to allow self-sufficient communities to generate their own electricity from their local resources.


Because of distances involved the easiest way to design such systems is to connect the various sources of energy and consumers via a common AC bus.

This enables the creatation of a local 'mini-grid' which can be easily extended to power additional properties or allow the integration of new renewable generation. Generation can be sited at the most appropriate locations and power delivered across long distances to properties as it is needed.

Both single and three phase network systems are possible together with systems incorporating medium voltage transmission to enable power to be distributed over large distances to electrify an entire neighbourhood. 

Isle Of Muck Inverter Plant Room

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Applications include: 

  • Village power supplies
  • Island power supplies 
  • Hotels & mountain resorts
  • Remote farms 
  • Lodges & Cabins 
  • Hospitals & Schools 
  • Telecommunication and radio stations 
  • Mobile applications 




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Mini Grid System Schematic