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Rutland Furlmatic 1803 Installed
The installation of a wind turbine normally requires permission from the local planning authority. 

In practice, use of the smaller battery charging systems meets few problems, since they are generally regarded similarly to TV aerial installations. 

However, consideration must be given to any neighbours and for larger systems, prospective users are advised to seek the advice and assistance of the local planners at the earliest possible stage - sites in National Parks or SSI's may face objections. 


The visual impact of a wind turbine system must be carefully considered. Colour, good design and sensitive siting are important. 

Please Note: it is not advisable to site anything other than very small wind turbines on a house. Apart from transmitted noise, winds over buildings are turbulent which results in  loss of performance and extra wear. 

York Eco Centre

Acoustic Noise

Small wind turbines produce very little noise, they give a low whirring, not much more noticeable than the noise of the wind itself. 

However, if the pole is attached to a boat, vehicle or building, vibration noise may be amplified. Resonance can be avoided by damping or altering a dimension of the support structure. With larger machines there may also be gearbox noise but this should be minimal with a good design. However, large grid-connected wind turbines should not be sited closer than 400m to dwellings. 

TV interference etc...

This can result from towers and blades causing obstruction; reflection of the signal; or by electrical interference from the generating equipment. Usually this is only a problem for larger wind turbines in areas where radio & television signals are weak.

Larger machines should not be sited on a direct line of site between microwave transmitters and receivers etc.

Proven Now Kingspan Wind Turbines On The Isle Of Eigg

Land Use

The siting of a wind turbine actually takes up very little ground area.  Existing land use is normally unaffected with access right up to the tower base. However, factors such as convenience, future building plans, recreation, agriculture, animals and mowing etc. need to be Ease of Installation & Maintenance Not the least important consideration!

Some of the windiest sites are also the most difficult to get to - especially for cranes and lorries, which are needed to install large machines. 


Proven Now Kingspan Wind TurbineSmall wind turbine generators are generally mounted on guyed poles, lattice towers or unguyed tubular towers. Depending on the proposed site and the size of wind turbine, concrete foundations may be required.  

Installation of the wind turbine will involve the advanced laying of foundations, the assembly on site of the components and the erection of the wind turbine and tower using a winch.