25 Jan 2017

GSE Integration BroofT4 Fire Testing

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GSE Integration Integrated Solar PV Mounting System Install 04GSE have now tested a range of solar modules to work with their in-roof mounting system at BroofT4 fire safety rating. This means, even with the latest regulations, you don't need to install a fireproof rated roofing sheet under the GSE in-roof mounting system (when using one of the certified modules).

GSE BroofT4 certified modules:

Brand Model
BenQ Solar BenQ AUO PM060MW2
BenQ Solar BenQ AUO PM096B00
Canadian Solar CS6P-265P
Canadian Solar CS6P-265M
Eging EG-285-M60-C
JA Solar 60/275-295
JA Solar JAP 6 (SE)
JA Solar JAM 6 (K) (BK)-60-285/4BB
LG LG260/250/245-S1C
LG LG NeON 2 Black
Panasonic VBHN245SJ25
Perlight PLM 250MB-60-Delta
Perlight Intenergy INE-250-P-60
Perlight Intenergy INE-285MB-60
Phono Solar PS 250
REC Peak Energy 250PE
Risen Risen RSM-60-6-250P
Sapphire Solar SS250P/60
Seraphin SRP 250-6PB
Seraphin SRP 250-6MB
Shinetime XTM6-60-250BK
Solar World SW-275 MB-60
Sunmodule Plus SW 250 Poly
Sunpower SPR E20-327
Trina Solar TSM DC05A.08
Trina Solar TSM-DC05A.05

The fire performance rating applies to the roofing kit when used with the family of modules from which the tested modules came, or other modules that have identical material specification and design of: frame, coversheet, encapsulant, backing sheet and sealant.
e.g. All REC Peak Energy Silver Frame Modules can be used.

For further details please see the MCS012 certificate.

GSE Integration In-Roof Mounting System