29 May 2014

GSE Integration now MCS012 approved

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News from GSE


We have the honor and pleasure to announce you that our GSE Integration system has just been approved by MCS, right on time for the June 1st deadline ! (Our MCS012 Certificate is available for download. See below.)

The best part is that GSE Integration has been approved for compatibility with ALL Panels ! This is an EXCLUSIVE ADVANTAGE of GSE in the UK integration market, and the assurance for you of the quality of this system.

About GSE Integration

Developed by installer for installers, our systems presents some sizeable advantages:
    • It's the simplest and quickest to be installed on a Roof.

    • It's the most competitive in terms of pricing on the market to date. A 3 kw installation costs around 0.14 £ per Watt-Peak, and even less for bigger installations.

    • Since we gained 70% off the French Integration Market (2500 installations per month with the GSE kit), it's always in stock!

GSE Integration is ideal for retrofits but also for new construction where, compared to a classic on-roof system, it will save builders substantial costs: thanks to this integration system they will be saving on tiles, roof construction labor etc... With GSE, you are saving on the roof because our integration system IS the roof.


GSE Integration will open a whole new range of markets for you: from retrofits with a much better looking installation than traditional on-roof, to new build with a more aesthetic and cost effective solutions for builders.

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