26 Sep 2013


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Sustainable Herefordshire Week 2012 – Wednesday 17 October

This was the 3rd year of the h.Energy week and as usual Wind & Sun was delighted to support the event with an open day at their site at Humber Marsh where visitors could view several working installations including a wind turbine, roof mounted PV array and a single axis Tracker all of which work together to supply the Wind & Sun offices.

The office building itself has been constructed using green building techniques.  In order to keep heating requirements to a minimum it incorporates a high degree of thermal mass wrapped in high levels of Warmcell recycled paper insulation and utilises large south facing windows to maximise passive solar gains. The upstairs office incorporates green oak cruck frames to create a wonderful open space.

During the open day one of our technical support team, Gordon Coppock, gave a presentation in the Wind & Sun Training Centre which was well attended – originally planned for 25-30 minutes the steady level of questions and discussions that flowed around the sustainable nature of renewable energy saw the event expand to slightly over an hour. 

One group of visitors in particular, part of the Leominster transition town network having arrived in a suitably environmental manner, cycled off with smiles on their faces and heads full of plans on how to expand their own renewable projects.

A steady stream of visitors from outside the county also meant that all of the members of our technical team were fully engaged for most of the day.

We were really impressed by how much awareness and information our visitors had to hand already – a significant change in the level of enquiries we received at the h.Energy event two years ago for instance – renewable energy has definitely built a solid foundation of support in Herefordshire and Wind & Sun are very proud to be a part of this network of growth.

If you have any queries regarding your own installation plans and are looking for a recommendation of a local installer, please get in touch.