27 Mar 2013

Isle of Muck gain 24hr power

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Isle Of Muck REC Solar PV Panels On Schletter Ground MountsWhilst large parts of the UK struggled in the snow with over a quarter of a million people suffering blackouts and problems with their electricity supply, there is good news from the community on the Isle of Muck off the West coast of Scotland.

Last week Wind & Sun commissioned a new scheme to bring 24hr power to the island for the first time. With cloudless skies and strong winds this immediately resulted in a surplus of clean electricity on the Island!

Isle Of Muck Evance Wind Turbine SunsetThe scheme incorporates 33kWp of REC PV modules, 6 Evance 5kW wind turbines and a 45kW SMA Multicluster system  integrated with a new diesel generator and has transformed the islanders lives. Previously the 38 residents of the remote island had to ration their use of power to over just nine hours a day and struggled to share the power from a 25kW generator – with islanders having to give each other slots to use washing machines.

Wind & Sun had been working on the project for the past six years and a team of engineers travelled north to install the system in several stages. SSE Contracting acted as main contractors for the project and modernised the island electrical protection, control & distribution system to allow the seamless integration of the renewables.

The new scheme will provide continuous electricity supply using clean, sustainable, renewable sources for the great benefit of the island and the environment allowing the population to stabilise and grow, safeguarding the community on Muck for years to come.

“Now that we have the power 24 hours a day, I’ll never miss the end of a film ever again” said Jenny MacEwen who runs the Scottish island's tea room and craft shop. Ewen MacEwen, who has lived on the island for 60 years and whose family owns the island, said "The situation had made it impossible to run a remote business from here, but that's all going to change. This will make a huge difference to island life".

For more information please see the: Isle of Muck case study.