10 Nov 2015

MCS 012 is back

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What is MCS 012?

MCS The Certification Mark For Onsite Sustainable Energy TechnologiesMCS 012 requires solar mounting systems to be tested and certified to various standards and requirements to ensure:

  • Resistance to wind uplift
  • Fire performance and safety
  • Weathertightness
  • Adequate installation instructions

The main difference of this issue (2.0) is the focus on fire performance.

You can download the MCS documents here.


Does it apply to me?

All MCS certified installation companies installing in line with the requirements of MIS 3001 and MIS 3002 which refer to MCS 012 must be using MCS 012 approved products (where applicable) from 2nd May 2016.

Additionally many of the requirements also apply in building regulations so even if you are not working to MCS requirements you should consider using MCS 012 approved products.


What products can I use?

The following two systems were certified last year when the last issue of the standard was due to come in, their certification remains valid.

Schletter on-roof mounting system

As you are hopefully aware we offer the Schletter mounting system which has options for almost any roof type and configuration. With MCS 012 certification this will remain your perfect partner throughout 2016.

Schletter MCS 012 certificate
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GSE in-roof mounting system

GSE offer a superb roof integration system working with virtually any solar panel and on any tiled or slated roof. The GSE system is certified to MCS 012 and also boasts BroofT4 certification meaning it won't be restricted by some of the new MCS 012 fire guidelines.

GSE MCS 012 certificate
GSE BroofT4 certificate
Other GSE certifications
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If you have any questions about MCS 012 or would like to know more about the products mentioned please let us know.