29 Jul 2013

Solmetric SunEye provides easy solution to MCS shade analysis requirements

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X 20130730143404928The recent update to MCS PV installation guidelines whilst an improvement has caused some confusion and difficulty for installers.

MCS have just released two presentations with new guidance on performing shade analysis. The presentations break down the principal behind their method and explain the options for getting the results.

MCS Shading Presentation 1

MCS Shading Presentation 2

Solmetric Sun Eye 210 Annual Sun PathIf you find it complicated and want a simple solution (like we do) then take a look at the Solmetric SunEye. The Solmetric, with new software is depicted in the second presentation.

The Solmetric SunEye enables all shade analysis to be done quickly, easily and accurately. Giving installers who use it the opportunity to stand out by providing a professional accurate shade analysis report.

A new update to the internal software allows the MCS sun path to be produced.

For a quick start guide on how to use the Solmetric SunEye to produce the MCS sun path please click this link: Solmetric SunEye MCS sun path quick start guide