27 Aug 2015

REC News - New sales tools and more

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REC scored as the safest panel manufacturer among benchmarked peers

The leading global analyst company, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, has namedREC Solar as "financially, the safest panel manufacturer" in the solar industry, based on the Altman-Z score as published in their Q2 2015 benchmark.

Developed by Edward Altman in 1968, the Altman-Z score measures the probability of business failure leading to bankruptcy. It is a function of tangible assets, working capital, retained earnings, EBIT, market value of equity, total liabilities, and historical revenue.

Award Winning REC TwinPeak Solar Panels

Following its success in winning the 2015 Intersolar Award, the REC TwinPeak Series solar panel has been nominated for the Solar Industry Award 2015. These awards provide additional sales arguments.
The Solar Industry Awards recognise the whole solar value chain and the people, products and services that develop innovative approaches that have the potential to change the way we live. The awards will be presented as part of the EU PVSEC trade fair in Hamburg, Germany on Tuesday 15th of September at the Reichshof, Hamburg. 

NEW REC Documents

Installation Manual

The REC Peak Energy Series installation manual is kept constantly updated. The latest version, that is downloadable from the below link, include updates on data and instructions on installations on floating pontoons (which REC panels are now certified for).

New Whitepaper - TwinPeak's improved performance in shaded conditions

The innovative design of REC TwinPeak Series solar modules offers customers a number of significant improvements over standard 60-cell panels. Through intelligent system layout, customers can benefit from increased energy yield, even when the installation is affected by shade at certain times of the day or year, enabling continued production in shaded conditions long.

This detailed whitepaper looks at how the innovative design of the panel can help customers gain extra compared to the use of a standard panel.

New sales factsheet for the REC TwinPeak solar panel

Summarizing the unique selling points of the new REC TwinPeak Series solar panel, this new factsheet can help end-customers understand the benefits they get through choosing this panel. The REC TwinPeak Series features an innovative design for higher module efficiency and power output, giving you: 
  • More power for more electricity generation
  • Higher yield through improved performance in shaded conditions
  • Breakthrough technologies for increased light capture
  • Proven reliability of an established European brand

REC TwinPeak Series - its value-adding innovative technologies