08 Feb 2013

Rolls Batteries visit Wind & Sun Island Projects

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Jamie Surrette The CEO Of Rolls Batteries On The Isle Of RumWind & Sun were pleased to show Jamie Surrette the CEO of Rolls batteries around their projects on the islands of Eigg & Rum off the west coast of Scotland, during his recent trip to Europe.

These are soon to be joined by a third installation on the nearby Isle of Muck. All three islands are totally off-grid and all are using Rolls batteries at the heart of the systems.

Rolls are located in Nova Scotia, Canada an area which has historical connections with the islands since during the Highland Clearances many of the inhabitants of Rum & Muck were transported there.  Even today many towns are villages in Cape Breton and Nova Scotia are named after locations in Scotland and it is the only other part of the world where Scots Gaelic is still spoken.

Eigg has the largest population and uses a mix of hydro, solar and wind (with diesel backup) based around a central battery/inverter system to create a true "grid" for the island. This system has been running now for 5 years.

After an exhilarating trip out on a RIB (rigid inflatable boat),  Jamie inspected the batteries on both islands and found them to be in great condition – testament to their great design, high build quality and the overall system design. He was also impressed by Wind & Sun’s high standard of installation and the dedication of the maintenance teams on the islands which should ensure continued performance for many years to come.

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