26 Sep 2013

Rolls factory visit

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IMG 1867 SmallerWind & Sun visits the Rolls battery factory in Nova Scotia

Rolls premium deep cycle batteries have earned a reputation of reliability and dependability in the railroad, marine, motive power and renewable energy markets.

Established in 1935, and located in Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada, Rolls batteries are internationally recognised for their dependability and high rate of recyclability.IMG 1862 Straight Smaller

Wind & Sun have been supplying Rolls batteries to the UK renewable energy industry since 2005 and were recently privileged to be invited on a tour of the Nova Scotia factory along with Rolls’ Portuguese & Spanish partners.

The tour gave a great opportunity to learn exactly what makes the Rolls range of batteries different and why they are the first choice for a renewable energy system.

IMG 1864 Crop SmallerThanks to James Surette and the team at Rolls for their hospitality.IMG 1872 Straight Smaller