12 Jan 2018

What Makes Morningstar Products the Most Reliable?

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Morningstar LogoSuperior power electronics design is one reason Morningstar is widely recognised for product reliability. Power electronics, particularly solar controllers and inverters, are subject to constant changes in voltage and current. Morningstar controllers have the fastest response time in the industry.

"Selection of components is important, but reliability is mostly about how well the software controls the hardware." 
William Mellema, Morningstar
Director of Engineering  

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Morningstar TriStar 45 AngledTriStar PWM 

The success of the TriStar PWM controllers is due in part to its ability to survive where other brands cannot. The TriStar is able to react to input changes 3x faster than others.

TriStar MPPT

The TriStar-MPPT provides more power per day than other brands. The controller keeps a constant output due to exceptional software control and design.