06 Mar 2017

Wind & Sun appointed Premium Partner for Steca charge controllers.

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Steca Premium Partner Wind & Sun 948We are pleased to have been appointed Premium Partner for Steca Elektronic GmbH and we are now distributing their solar charge controllers and DC appliances in the UK.

Steca PR 3030 Solar PV Charge Controller AngleSolar charge controllers
Steca has long stood for ideas and innovations in solar electronics and battery charging systems and they produce a range of cost effective solar charge controllers for off-grid photovoltaic systems.

Simple to use they are suitable for applications from boats and caravans to rural electrification solar home systems.

Steca solar charge controllers control the entire energy flow ensuring optimal battery life. Use of the latest charging technologies combined with state of charge determination enable optimal battery maintenance and  monitoring.  Many of their controls feature large intuitive displays informing the user about all operating modes with the aid of symbols.

Charge controllers can also be equipped with special functions: e.g. with night light function and selectable charging plateau and deep-discharge protection voltages.

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Steca PF 166 | PF 240 Solar Refrigerator and FreezerSolar refrigerator/freezer
Steca PF refrigerators are the most efficient DC energy-saving refrigerators ever developed. They can be used as either a refrigerator or a freezer.
The Steca PF 166 and Steca PF 240 are fully programmable. The inside temperature and each of the other configuration values can be set by the user. They are therefore perfectly suited for all DC applications including even the refrigeration of medicines in hospitals. The optimal electronic control and speed regulation of the compressor guarantees extremely efficient use of energy leading to significant system cost savings.

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Steca LED E27 DC Light Bulbs12 & 24 VDC LEDs
Steca LED s are modern, compact LED lamps that are specially developed for all 12 V and 24 V direct voltage applications. This makes them ideal for all lighting in leisure, caravan and home applications.
Their high efficiency and excellent light yield make them particularly suitable for solar home systems.

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