05 Jan 2013

Wind & Sun appointed UK distributors for Solmetric SunEye.

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Wind & Sun are pleased to have partnered with Solmetric Corporation to distribute the SunEye in the United Kingdom.

The Solmetric SunEye is the world leader in shade measurements and analysis. It enables faster and more accurate site evaluations and helps to win sales in competitive project proposals. It combines a digital camera with a calibrated fisheye lens, electronic tilt and compass sensors to provide easy, accurate measurements and instant feedback. An extension kit enables the SunEye to be used at up to 5.4m above ground. This allows the best way to safely provide shade measurements to be obtained for the right position, since at the time of site survey scaffolding to roof level is not often in place.

For more information about the product please see:
Solmetric SunEye