16 Aug 2018

Wind & Sun Powers On!

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We are based in rural Herefordshire where the electricity supply is via overhead lines and subject to occasional interruptions.

On 15th August there was a scheduled power cut from 9.00am until 4.00pm due to Western Power Distribution carrying out extensive tree cutting work on the HV electricity network supplying our area.

Thankfully, we were able to keep open since we had recently installed a 3-phase back-up power supply.

Business continued as normal in our warehouses and offices, powering computers, phones, lighting, pumps, forklift charging and the all-important kettles!

Thanks to our rooftop 50kWp PV (which also kept going), the battery state of charge never dropped below 93% all day.

Our back-up power system consists of 3 x SMA Sunny Island 8.0H-12 inverters and a 25kWh Tesvolt Li-Ion battery store and is monitored using the new SMA Data Manager.

Normally, it is designed to store surplus generation during the day to reduce grid consumption at night, so improving the value of our on-site generation. However, the facility to maintain services means (at least for today’s customers) that it has already paid for itself.

The system has pride of place in our showroom so visitors and customers are able to see it in action and learn more. Account customers are welcome to bring along their clients – so they can in turn show how adding a back-up storage system to a commercial PV system can protect and benefit their business.

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Wind & Sun SMA-Tesvolt Back Up System Commissioning