01 Jul 2015

Wind & Sun help supply the UK’s first code level 6 zero carbon sustainably built Passivhaus

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Cedar Barn By Deluxe Developers GSE Integration Mounting System Innotech Solar Panels 03Wind & Sun are proud to have supported this pioneering project with supply of the solar system components. Cedar Barn by Deluxe Developers illustrates the potential for future UK homes.

‘Cedar Barn is the UK’s first Code Level 6 and Passivhaus individual home, built in a traditional style to also benefit from Buildmark, NHBC’s 10 year warranty and insurance. The property has been constructed by leading sustainability specialist builders Deluxe Developers, Milton Keynes.

Cedar Barn By Deluxe Developers Name PlateBuilt as an exemplary project to prove the commercial viability of zero carbon homes, the property far exceeds the Government’s 2016 Zero Carbon target.

Not only does the dwelling achieve level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, but has Passivhaus Standard and is solar powered, exceeding its yearly energy requirements.

This superb home has some of the most advanced controlled automation systems with 100% LED Lighting and an unequalled level of sustainable materials in its construction.

Cedar Barn By Deluxe Developers GSE Integration Mounting System SolarEdge OptimisersCedar Barn is unique; within the traditional appearance of the house, many different zero carbon and energy saving technologies have been brought together. The project is designed to be an example to the building industry and home-buyers that Green Energy and largely fossil free construction is now achievable as a viable proposition.

Throughout the build Deluxe Developers worked closely with one of NHBCs specialist energy consultants to achieve incredibly high ecological challenges and build standards set by their code level 6 design brief.

Cedar Barn By Deluxe Developers GSE Integration Mounting System Innotech Solar Panels 02In order for these technologies that combine electrical energy, thermal energy, ventilation and insulation to perform to their optimum; state-of-the-art control systems have been installed. This enables all the systems to be reviewed and recorded on an hour-by-hour basis, with every technology within the house controlled from a mobile phone or tablet.

Cedar Barn By Deluxe Developers SolarEdge InverterAn analysis of the parameters and performance of Cedar Barn systems will be available in 2015; the performance has already improved on the design levels for the energy requirements.

Cedar Barn By Deluxe Developers 01

Cedar Barn By Deluxe Developers Night 01

Cedar Barn Key Technologies

  • 14.5 kW array of inroof solar panels
  • Exceptional level of insulation and fabric
  • Passivhaus air tightness to 0.6
  • Mechanical ventalation with heat recovery (MVHR) to 92% efficiency
  • Ground source heat pump
  • Triple glazing
  • Secure by design site certification
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Low co2 concrete alternative
  • Fossil free oversite
  • Lighting control systems
  • Cat 6 networking & 4K HD TV system
  • Heating automation system
  • Summer cooling

Quote from: http://www.deluxedevelopers.co.uk/cedar-barn/

Images from: Deluxe Developers