02 Nov 2016

Wind & Sun supply REC modules & SolarEdge inverters for Gloucester Cathedral

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REC Solar Panels and SolarEdge Optimizers on Gloucester CathedralWind & Sun are pleased to have supplied REC modules with Solaredge inverters and optimisers to Cheltenham based installers Mypower for a prestigious installation on the roof of Gloucester Cathedral.

The Grade I listed building dates back to the 11th Century so it was important that the solar panels are virtually invisible to the surrounding area. The roof of the Nave is the ideal position as the parapet wall crenellations and pinnacles hide the panels from ground view however the height of the wall means there would be some shading issues.

Ben Harrison, Mypower Managing Director said "The inverter decision was an easy one, the SolarEdge optimisers and inverters are perfect for this type of shading issue and their fire safety features a major benefit. The panel decision was harder, the REC TP model was top of the list with the shading, however thanks to the price support and flexibility of local supplier Wind & Sun a last minute switch to the REC BLK2 model was made to improve the look… and boy it was worth it – see the pictures."

Mypower are to be congratulated upon the attention to detail and care that has gone into the 38kWp installation.

REC Solar Panels on Gloucester CathedralThis consists of 150 REC-255/BLK2 modules, SolarEdge P600 optimisers and two three phase inverters located in a space under the roof. Since this is approximately 25m above ground monitoring will be via GSM.

More details of the installation can be seen on the Mypower website

SolarEdge Inverters at Gloucester Cathedral