11 Oct 2016

Wind & Sun Supply Swansea University with Aquion Saltwater Batteries and Victron Inverters

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Aquion and Victron System At Swansea University SPECIFIC 02Working in collaboration with Solar Plants and Swansea University’s SPECIFIC team, Wind & Sun have supplied two of Aquion’s saltwater based batteries together with Victron charger controllers and inverters.

The Aquion batteries have been installed with Victron power electronics to provide the demonstration classroom with an AC power supply of better quality than the national grid.

In February Ian Hewson of Solar Plants attended a training course at Wind & Sun, following this James Ford & Anthony Brennan of Wind & Sun worked closely with the team providing pre-sales technical support and advice which continued during the installation.

Aquion and Victron System At Swansea University SPECIFIC 01James visited the site in the latter stages of the install to provide on site assistance with some final tweeks and adjustments.

The battery modules, at ~40 kWh, combined with the roof integrated thin-film solar should provide sufficient stored energy to allow the classroom to operate independently from the grid for the majority of the year. During the winter, when less sun is available, the mains grid will provide any additional electrical requirements.

Located at Swansea University’s new Bay Campus ‘The Active Classroom contains a laboratory and classroom and will be used for teaching students. It will also be monitored closely, enabling researchers to test and validate building performance in an education facility, and to see how users interact with the technology’ (extract from active classroom study brochure).

With the build nearing completion the system is now self-supplying onsite power, enabling site construction to proceed without the use of a diesel generator so the system is already proving its credentials as a cleaner, quieter, environmentally friendly form of renewable energy.

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