01 Feb 2017

Wind & Sun's first MyReserve Friendly User Trial in Britain

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Solarwatt Myreserve Install Wind & Sun - Cover OnSolar PV and Energy Storage specialist distributors, Wind & Sun, have been successfully trialling the first Solarwatt MyReserve system in Britain, ahead of the proposed product launch date in April.

Wind & Sun technical sales engineer, James Ford commented:

Solarwatt Myreserve Install Wind & Sun - Luke“With the exception of a few small teething problems that are to be expected when trialling the first system in a new country we are delighted with the result.

We have installed the battery on our own office & warehouse premises to really put it to the test. Although faced with a complex 3 phase scenario with high peaks in generation and consumption this system has performed exactly as promised.

The MyReserve was very quick to install, it took just one person to get it on the wall, and there are no complex programming steps. Beyond that the system takes care of itself! 

I believe that the Solarwatt MyReserve sets a benchmark for safety standards and design for maximum lifespan that the whole UK energy storage market should be adopting.”

Wind & Sun and Solarwatt are looking for installers for three more Friendly User Trial sites.

We will be using our system for training and will be holding training sessions shortly with Solarwatt to enable installers to become Solarwatt MyReserve installers. See Training Courses for dates as they become available. 

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