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The increasing levels of electronic devices found on boats, yachts and motorhomes has led to a greater demand being placed on the batteries installed.

Varta meets these demands by supplying a battery specifically designed to supply motorhomes and marine craft with energy whilst delivering exceptional performance characteristics - The Professional deep cycle range.

Varta’s Professional deep cycle batteries are based on tried and tested flooded technology, the product of years of continuous improvements in cyclic durability.

  • Hi cyclic durability
  • Suitable for dual power use; starting and deep cycle
  • Maintenance free
  • Safer to use: can be tilted to 90° for short periods
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Ideal for seasonal use

Varta Professional Dual Purpose EFB Batteries

Varta Proffessional dual purpose EFB batteries are ideal for dual power applications where they can be used for both starting and overall energy supply.

The next evolution of the Dual-Purpose range, based on EFB technology enable a higher cycle life and a higher robustness against partial state of charge usage.

  • Suitable to supply power for short trips, like an off-grid weekend with medium equipment, eg. lighting and phone chargers.
  • Ideal for motorhomes, caravans, boats and off-grid applications with a morderate energy demand
  • Long lasting - get up to twice as many cycles as conventional flooded batteries (up to 200 cycles @ 50% DOD)
  • Minimal self-discharge making them ideal for seasonal use
  • Tapered post terminals

EFB batteries support applications that operate at a partial state of charge and don’t require the deep-cycling characteristics of an AGM battery. A polyfleece scrim material, added to the positive plate surface, makes this possible. This helps to stabilise the active material of the plates, which increases the endurance.

Varta Professional Dual Purpose EFB Batteries
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Product Code Description Retail Price
(ex VAT)
LED95 Varta Dual Purpose EFB Battery,12V, 95Ah (c20) £126.28
LED190 Varta Dual Purpose EFB Battery,12V, 190Ah (c20) £211.93
LED240 Varta Dual Purpose EFB Battery,12V, 240Ah (c20) £294.84