Halogen Bulbs & Fittings

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Hi-Light Bulbs

Tungsten halogen is the most efficient form of incandescent lighting producing a brilliant white light - a 10W 12V halogen gives equivalent light to a 21W 12V filament bulb or a 40/60W 240V domestic lamp - so they produce less heat. Due to their low wattage, standard fittings and switches can be used. 

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Hi-Light Bulbs

These look like ordinary bulbs but have a halogen element. A wide variety of types including; round; candle; tail lamps; reflectors are available with different caps & wattages meaning that an efficient low voltage bulb is available for almost any fitting!


Hi-Light Bulbs
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Product Code Description Retail Price
(ex VAT)
HL-00/24/20 Tail lamp SCC cap 24V 20W £1.00
HL-01/12/20 Reflector lamp SCC cap 12V 20W £1.00
HL-01/24/20 Reflector lamp SCC cap, 24V 20W £1.00
HL-02/24/20 Reflector lamp SBC cap 24V 20W £1.00
HL-03/24/20 Reflector lamp SES cap 24V 20W £1.00
HL-05/12/5 Round bulb ES cap 12V 5W £1.00
HL-05/24/20 Round bulb ES cap 24V 20W £1.00
HL-06/24/20 Candle bulb BC cap 24V 20W £1.00
HL-07/12/05 Candle bulb ES cap 12V 5W £1.00
HL-07/12/10 Candle bulb ES cap 12V 10W £1.00
HL-10/24/20 Tail lamp SBC cap 24V 20W £1.00