SMA Micro Inverter

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The SMA Sunny Boy 240 micro inverter is the perfect solution for small systems where most string inverters would not work.

Each system requires the SMA Sunny Multigate for communication and connection to the grid. Each Multigate can take from 1-12 micro inverters.

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SMA Sunny Boy 240 Micro Inverter

The SMA Sunny Boy 240 Micro Inverter has been designed to be reliable and robust.

By focussing on the essentials and combining components they have reduced the number of components to 176, 50% less than competitive products.

Key features:

  • Less components means higher reliability
  • Power line communication built in
  • Module level monitoring via Sunny Portal
  • Preassembled AC cables
  • DC cables with Multi-Contact connectors
SMA Sunny Boy 240 Micro Inverter
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Product Code Description Retail Price
(ex VAT)
SB-MIACCAB14 AC cable for connecting SB-240 inverters 1.4m £3.50
SB-MIACCAB20 AC cable for connecting SB-240 inverters 2.0m £5.00
SB-MIDCMC4 Discontinued POA
SB-MIACCON AC field plugs for connect. between SB-240 & Multigate £1.00
SB-MIACCAP AC sealing cap for AC socket of last SB-240 £0.05