Tigo TS4-R Optimisers

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Tigo TS-4R-M

The innovative Tigo TS4-R platform is a game-changing approach toward the optimization of PV systems. With this innovative platform, for the first time, every single PV module can be selectively equipped with an additional function.

Higher energy yields can also be achieved for complex roofs, while system costs are reduced at the same time. Whether for shading, shutdown or other challenges, the Tigo TS4-R is the most reliable and cost effective solution for adding PV module level electronics to any PV system.

Existing DC Optimizer Systems


  • All modules always have to be equipped with an optimizer
  • This can lead to unnecessarily high costs
SMA and Tigo Solution

Tigo TS4 Optimizers

  • Only the modules you choose (e.g. in case of partial shading) are equipped with an optimizer
  • Other modules can optionally be equipped with module level monitoing only
  • Lower investment costs
  • Lower installation costs
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Tigo TS-4R-M

Allows monitoring to be added to individual modules.

Predicting and conducting maintenance on solar installations is critical to ensuring that they last beyond their expected 25 year life. With a window into a system's performance through module-level monitoring, solar fleets can maximize system up-time and identify performance issues before they become serious problems. The TS-4R-M enables continuous system-wide monitoring to aid in customer support and ongoing operations and maintenance.

Data is transmitted via WLAn across the rooftop from the TS4-R optimizers to the gateway, which is connected via
RS485 to Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA). The relevant performance data can be viewed on Sunny Portal.

  • Reduced O&M costs
  • 1m input and output cables with MC4 connectors
  • 25 year warranty
Tigo TS4-R
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TIGO-TS4R-M TS4R Monitoring with 1m cable (blue) £25.51