Solar Models

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These solar models and kits provide an excellent demonstration of the principles of solar cells.

The moving models are high quality self assembly kits that simply and elegantly show how solar power works. Inspiring and entertaining they are perfect for educational or decorative use. For best performance, they all need good daylight conditions.

  • If daylight is not strong enough they can be used indoors with a good incandescent bulb or halogen light.
  • Fluorescent light is not recommended.
  • Motors turn as soon as they are put in the light.
  • No batteries or power supplies required

Solar Wind Turbine Kits

Scale plastic models of wind turbines with three bladed rotors driven by the sun. The ideal wind & solar models.

Hub height: 240 mm ; Rotor Diameter: 100 mm.

Two versions are available: A self-assembly kit (glue included) to make a turbine with solar cell in the top or a pre-assembled model of a turbine with the solar cell in the base.

Solar Wind Turbine Kits
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SOL-WTG Solar wind turbine £18.38